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Andras Frenyo is a panoramic photagrapher splitting his time between the U.S. and Europe. He frequently shares his work on, and has created the World's first 360 degree stop-motion animation short, an interactive panoramic video, titled Leftovers (2006).  The movie can be viewed on

His most significant project in Europe has been the panoramic coverage of Sziget Festival, one of Europe's largest multicultural events, held annually on a Danube island in Budapest, Hungary.

As far as we kow, he is also the first to create a full 360x180 degree, HiRes spherical panorama on the iPhone 2G - having designed a multi-row panoramic head for it.  The design can be easily updated to all iPhone models and numerous other mobile telephones for those crazy enough to follow in his footsteps.
Other Projects

Do many. But this one's pretty cool: the World's first interactive 360 degree stop-motion animation short!

Leftovers (2006), the World's first 360 degree stop-motion animation short
» check it out
The Panorama Process

Everything you need to know:
» introduction (why bother?)
» the head (do you need one?)
» taking the photos (huh?)
» stitching (what's that?)
A few photos of the iPhone Panorama Head
hover over the images for control